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Tour Price & Reservations

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Tour type Hour Time price People
Private Bird Watching 7:30am 3 hours $140 1 to 4 person
Day Tour 7:30am 3 hours $25 Per person
Night Tour 5:30pm 2 hours $25 Per person
* Not included entrance fee of the parks or reserves.Night Tour included Flashlight & entrance fee to park.

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About Us

Buenas! Welcome to my Website
My name is Giuliano, I came to Monteverde 15 years ago for one week and I am still here in this magical town. I have learned about art, nature, conservation and education and today I work for many institutions dedicated to sustainable practices and educating our guests and the community.

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Why a Guided Tour?

Why should you enjoy the forest with a local guide?
A guide makes a huge difference in the quality of time that you spend in the forest, especially regarding what you see, hear and understand about these special tropical habitats. You will leave the forest with a new awareness and sense of wonder.
Please don’t hesitate to ask about other areas of interest in Costa Rica, including National Parks, wilderness refuges, natural reserves, indigenous communities, national monuments, sustainable projects, alternative energy projects and volunteer programs.
P.S. This is the Tropical Forest, you will need sunscreen, rain gear and bug-spray.